Hi, my name is Josh Blankenship and I Have Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed in December of 2010, my eighth-grade year. At first, it was scary to be diagnosed with something that will affect your everyday life for the rest of your life, but I learned to manage it with my parent’s help. Even if they do worry about the situation too much I know it is because they care about me.

I’ve been completely healthy for 3 years this past September, and hope to stay healthy for a while. I have learned how to deal with my situation and decided to not feel bad for myself and just play with the cards I was dealt. It might not be the best disease to have, but it sure isn’t the worst. I have supportive friends and family who I know will be there in rough times. ​

I would love for there to be a cure for Crohn’s disease because little kids and people with a worse version of it should not have to deal with what I have to deal with. I hope that one day there is a cure, but until then I will manage my situation and keep on living life.