I am 19 years old now. I was 10 years old when I was diagnosed. They are STILL not 100% certain whether I have Crohn’s or UC. To tell you the hardest thing about having Crohn’s disease would be a hard thing to do, because there isn’t a single answer. Immediately my head goes to the many many nights in the hospital, but those days are temporary. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized one of the worst things is not having control over my own body, and having to watch my parents watch me go through it at a young age. I don’t like knowing people around me that I love,  worry about me. Another hardship I deal with personally is that my IBD gets triggered by my anxiety. So anytime life gets a little hard, whether it’s with school or any other reason, my IBD joins in. Some positives I’ve experienced is that it has given me more maturity, since I was diagnosed at such a young age. As well as meeting so many of my great friends at Camp Oasis, which is a camp for kids to go during the summer where we all have IBD. I want anyone that is newly diagnosed to know that it WILL get better. I also want to draw attention to the idea of knowing your needs. A huge part of my recovery was changing doctors when I knew that what we were doing just wasn’t working for me. I was young at the time but I now see that I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision for my parents to make.  However, my new doctor is amazing and her methods work for me leaps and bound better than my previous. Something that gives me hope and keeps me fighting is seeing people much older than me having IBD and thriving. I want a family and kids someday, so to know that that is possible makes me feel like I will be okay no matter what. Another thing that keeps me fighting is my family, because they are always with me supporting me, and I want to always keep fighting for them.