My name is Christian Bowlin and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in May of 2017. I have been showing symptoms of Crohn’s disease for around a year. I have had prior knowledge of this disease due to the fact that my cousin has had this disease for around 6 years. The hardest part about this disease is probably the limitations to my diet. Treatment began with a medication known as Pentasa that is taken 4 times a day. Unfortunately, this medication did not work. I now take 10 milligrams of steroids each day which eventually will taper down to 5 milligrams and then 0 milligrams. Along with the steroids I take a shot once a week. Living with Crohn’s caused me to put on a mask and hide what I really was feeling which was a pain. I told everybody I was fine but I was struggling to stay positive because it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel. This inevitably led to me becoming depressed and filled with anxiety. Luckily Crohn’s has not affected my grades at school. My hope in regards to this disease is that it one day will be cured. It is encouraging to know that people are working hard every day to bring us closer to a cure.